May 24

I’ve Just Sponsored My First Ultimate Lotologist Member

firstmemberI feel really excited today, I’ve just sponsored my first member into the Ultimate Lotologist program.

This had just proved to me that the system is working properly. My referral link is working the way it should.

I will continue marketing this opportunity to people in the UK. Some will just and some will not. My job is to find the people that will join!

I know that it will take some time to get to the stage where the system starts to build up enough momentum…. the stage where I don’t have to do any more marketing, just approving new members as the Lottery Instants flood in through my letterbox everyday!

This is a dream that can become a reality with this system. I have been told that a member with this system has made £1,500 in his first month. I don’t know how many tickets that person got, but the win really excites me.

I waiting for my first Scratch Cards to start coming in. I’m looking for other people in the UK that are as excited as me, to get involved.

I will work with you to help you reach the success that you desire. Get started by Clicking Here.