May 26

5 People Have Joined My Ultimate Lotologist Team

5membersnowThings are going really well, 5 people have joined my Ultimate Lotologist team. My goal is to find 5 people that are as enthusiastic as myself to drive this opportunity to all corners of the UK.

I may have to introduce 50, 100, 500 or even 1,000 members to find the 5 members that will help me grow this business. I will continue to introduce new members and work closely with ones that are serious about build a large Ultimate Lotologist network.

If you are ready to work with me as my front-line team members, Click Here to get started now. In this business, I will not make any money unless you start making money!

You will not be sending me any scratch cards, I will only get scratch cards sent to be once you have qualified. It will be in my interest to help you succeed with this.

My goal is to have a regular flow of scratch cards coming in by the 19th of August 2014 (my birthday). It would be a dream come true, if I get a major win by then.

The dream of spending my birthday on the beach on a sunny tropical island. What a lovely birthday gift this would be!


The above is a screen-shot of my Ultimate Lotologist members area. I have 5 members showing up, I have blanked out the details for privacy. My goal is to have over 100 members listed in my downline by the 19th of August 2014.

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May 26

3 People Have Joined My Ultimate Lotologist Team

3members3 people have joined my Ultimate Lotologist team to so far…

I have also been upgraded on the £3 Scratch Card line. One of the members that I sent out the £3 scratch card forgot to mark off the line as received from me.

I sent a message to admin and he forwarded it to the member in question and it has now been resolved.

In any opportunity you will come across obstacles, it’s what you decide to do that determines your success.

You always have a number choices that you can take. You must take the option that will take you closer to your goal.

My goal is to qualify for all the Scratch Card lines. I have already qualified for the £1, £2 and £3 lines. I will upgrade in the £5 and £10 lines from the winnings that I start to get from the other lines.

I will continue marketing the Ultimate Lotologist opportunity to build a group of entrepreneurs that are focused on success with this opportunity.

If you would like to join my team, Click Here to get started.

May 25

20 – £1 National Lottery Scratch Card Challenge (Quick Cash)

Watch the video below to find out how much is won after scratching of 20 £1 (Quick Cash) UK National Lottery Cards.

Find out how you can get a flood of UK National Lottery Scratch Cards posted through your letterbox Everyday. Just scratch them off and keep the winnings.  Click Here – for more information.

May 24

I’ve Just Sponsored My First Ultimate Lotologist Member

firstmemberI feel really excited today, I’ve just sponsored my first member into the Ultimate Lotologist program.

This had just proved to me that the system is working properly. My referral link is working the way it should.

I will continue marketing this opportunity to people in the UK. Some will just and some will not. My job is to find the people that will join!

I know that it will take some time to get to the stage where the system starts to build up enough momentum…. the stage where I don’t have to do any more marketing, just approving new members as the Lottery Instants flood in through my letterbox everyday!

This is a dream that can become a reality with this system. I have been told that a member with this system has made £1,500 in his first month. I don’t know how many tickets that person got, but the win really excites me.

I waiting for my first Scratch Cards to start coming in. I’m looking for other people in the UK that are as excited as me, to get involved.

I will work with you to help you reach the success that you desire. Get started by Clicking Here.

May 23

I Just Qualified As An Ultimate Lotologist

ultimatelotologistaffiliateI have just qualified as an affiliate for the Ultimate Lotologist program. I have been approved for the £1 and £2 Scratch Cards by all the members that I sent out the cards to. I have also been approved by 3 members for the £3 Scratch Card product, I’m still waiting for one of the members to approve me for the £3 product.

I sent out both the £2 and £3 Scratch Cards in the same mailing in the same envelope to this member, but he has only approved me for the £2 Cards. This may be a simple mistake on his part. I have raised a support ticket to get this resolved.

The good thing is that I have my affiliate like to introduce new members into the Ultimate Lotologist program. You can be part of my team by using the following link:

I really excited and looking forward to build a successful team of Lotologists. Once I the tickets start rolling in, I will upgrade on the £5 and £10 Scratch Card lines.

May 22

Half Way To Getting Approved In Ultimate Lotologist

halfwaythereI am half way to getting approved in Ultimate Lotologist. Two of the members that I posted the Scratch Cards to have approved me for the £1, £2 and £3 products.

I need to get approved by the other to members to get my referral link activated.

I may have to wait another day or two. I’m still really excited about getting FREE Scratch Cards delivered to my door.

This is like the stage where you plant the seeds, once I am approved, I will start marketing my referral link. This will be like the water stage, followed by the fruits…. once the Scratch Cards start to flood in.

I’ll keep you updated on my progress with Ultimate Lotologist.


May 21

Activating The £2 And £3 Scratch Card Products

2and3poundscratchcardsI have decided to activate the £2 and £3 scratch card products from my Ultimate Lotologist members area.

This will cost me under £25 and should open up two new revenue streams. I’m waiting for the £1 scratch card product to get validated. I has been just a day… it may take 2-3 days to get activated.

What excites me most about this opportunity is that there are no monthly costs involved. You only send out the scratch cards to the members listed in your back-office ONCE!

I will start off with three products, the £1, £2 and £3 scratch cards. Once I get my referral link, I will send out the £5 and £10 scratch cards using signed for first class delivery.

I bought 4 x £2 Scratch Cards from my local newsagent. The yellow ones with £250,000 prize. I will be really happy if one of them reveals the top prize.


I also bought 4 x £3 Scratch Cards from my local shop. The red BINGO ones offering a top prize of £300,000. Revealing this top prize could really help our most people that are in financial difficulties.


I have hand written 4 notes to post with the Scratch Cards to get my £2 and £3 lines activated.


The Scratch Cards are ready to be mailed out along with the note to the people listed in my members area. I know they will feel really good once they get them, it will brighten up their day. I hope they reveal winning prizes.


The envelopes are sealed and ready to be posted… really looking forward to establishing my Scratch Card lines.

mailing4I took a walk down to a post box that’s a little further away from home. I took the time to visualise scratch cards coming to be from all over the UK. I started to feel the joy of revealing winning cards.

So far it’s cost me just under £30 to send out these gifts. Let’s wait and see what happens….

May 21

I Joined Ultimate Lotologist On Tuesday 20th May 2014

ultimatelotologistsiteI joined the Ultimate Lotologist program on Tuesday 20th May 2014. The concept of getting free lottery scratch cards through the post really appealed to me.

There are over 500,000 UK Lottery Scratch Card winners every day. Just imagine how many scratch cards are sold daily!

I knew that the market was really big, and the cost to get involved was minimal compared to the potential returns.

I went watched the videos in the members area to really understand how it all worked.

There are no payments to admin or any membership fees associated with this system. There are no monthly fees or auto-ships involved.

You secure your position in the system by sending out UK lottery scratch cards to 4 qualified members listed in your Ultimate Lotologist back-office. Once these members have verified that they have received the scratch cards from you, the system will mark you as a qualified member.

Once you have qualified you will get your referral link to introduce new members. These members will not send you any scratch cards, the people they refer will all have to send you scratch cards.

You can get full details of how it works at:

There are 5 scratch cards products that you can get qualified for: £1, £2, £3, £5 and £10 scratch cards. You must be qualified a product to receive that product through the post.

The minimum you need to get qualified is:

4 x £1 scratch cards: £4

4 x first class stamps: £2.40

4 x envelopes: £1

Total cost: £7.40

This will enable you to get started with the system. You are sending 4 members scratch cards to activate your scratch card getting potential.

You can activate the maximum scratch card getting potential by sending out all 4 scratch card products to the members listed in your Ultimate Lotologist back-office.

This will cost you:

4 x £1 scratch cards: £4

4 x £2 scratch cards: £8

4 x £3 scratch cards: £12

4 x £5 scratch cards: £20

4 x £10 scratch cards: £40

Total Cost of Scratch Cards: £84

I would advise you to use the Royal Mail Signed ForTM 1st Class letter: £1.72 x 4 = £6.88

Total postage & packaging would cost around: £8

Total Cost of Activating ALL 4 Products: £92


Here Is What I Have Done So Far

I have written out 4 notes to send out with four £1 scratch cards to the members listed in my Ultimate Lotologist back-office. This will start the ball rolling to activate my referral link.


Four £1 UK Lottery Scratch Cards, 4 notes with my details and 4 envelopes…. ready to get this started ASAP!



Everything inserted into the envelopes, addressed and stamped to start this venture. This looks really simple, and I am really excited… can’t wait to get the scratch card mailings validated by the recipients… and get my Ultimate Lotologist referral link!

mailing2It felt good walking up to the post box. So far, so good…